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It's been so long since I've posted anything here. I set a goal a few years ago to post regularly, and I accomplished that. Then I pretty much abandoned the…

What have I been doing?


Eyebrow Hall of Fame

Back in the days of my website Caffeine, Sugar, and Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever, I had an Eyebrow Hall of Fame section. I will try to recreate it here the best…

https://youtu.be/3W0F1yeuLZU 1:40 in the morning isn't the best time to remember how great Glassjaw is. But that's the time it always happens.

https://youtu.be/-yywlnmokv8 My most played song of 2019. I just love it so much. I'd like to pack up my belongings and move in to this song. I LOVE Big Business…
Fan Art Friday

Fan Art Friday

I've been getting so stressed out and ANGRY being at work around so many people that I started doing some stick figure fan art at lunch in the breakroom to…

Ahhhhh! Dumb Injury Time

(warning. something BAD is going to happen in this post. so, if you are squeamish, scroll down and listen to the song in the video. it's really good.)


I've got a tumblr blog called "Just Stuff That Makes Me Happy" or something. I mostly repost funny things or handsome boys... you know, normal Tumblr stuff. Tumblr is such…

https://youtu.be/EzjHajrGgJ8 This is from a quick private show from Dick Valentine of Electric Six. Good times. Everyone in this band is so nice!
purely decorative clipart of a cd

something to talk about

I was walking out of the backroom with a big plastic sign to put up in the Toy Department, and a man stopped me as I was cutting through the…