jumping into the deep end

jumping into the deep end

Three years ago (April 2020) I made a passing joke to a coworker about a project I was going to do. About 6 weeks ago, I decided to actually do it.

This is why I’ve been doing all of this embroidery stuff. I’ve been trying to learn and work toward this. I might be jumping ahead on my embroidery journey, but I just need to start this.

The other night, I started on tracing my people and… I just hope this works out… I just can’t stop laughing at how it seems to be going alright. This is really helping to put my brain in a calm place.

I showed my mom the sketches when she got home from work the next morning. She said something to me that she has NEVER said. I’m sure it’s a thought she’s had and has kept herself from saying to me for at least 40 years. She’s always been so supportive and encouraging through everything I’ve ever tried. From the time I was small, she’s put up with me spouting off facts on whatever subject I’ve been hyperfocused on, and she’s been enthusiastic about any sort of art I’ve made. So, I’m laughing and showing her these tracings and she laughs and says “god you’re weird!”

I was just kind of proud that she was able to finally let that out. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my interests and, you know, just who I am might not be considered “normal.” It’s not that I am going out of my way to be different of “quirky.” I’ve just never felt the need to go out of my way to attempt to be just like everyone else.

It’s my next “weekend” now. I showed a few people my tracing and told them what I am doing. So I guess I’ve made it so I have to be held accountable for actually doing this, or something. I’m going to be taking pictures along the way and documenting the highs and lows of possibly jumping in to the deep end too soon.

Here we go!


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