about me:

I’m Brandi. I’m a giddy chimpanzee who enjoys promoting healthy causes. I’m like Tom Waits, Pee-wee Herman, Remus Lupin, Honey Bunny, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Wolverine, Gir, Bert, Chef, Sofia, Simon Adebisi, The Wicked Witch of the West, and Lisa Simpson. I’ve got a booty like Jennifer Lopez. I’m addicted to partying, but I can be a bit of a sloth. I’m squeaky clean (76% pure) class clown with a PG-13 mind. I’m a cool hot naughty kissing 39% metalhead laid back girlfriend from Orange County, California. I’m a Conspiracy Theorist, a Square, Neopolitan ice cream, marble cake, a Butterfinger, black coffee, Pegasus, and a Glam Rocker! A witty teenage extremely cool flirt with a multifarious vocabulary who would sell out for $1,052,275. An intellectually sexy strawberry daiquiri that’s too attractive and 10% histrionic with a personality like marijuana. 20% selfish, 21% idiot, 53% American, 22% evil, 10% religious, 76% individual, 15% white trash. F-ing hot. I’m an indecisive, 90% girlish, two-faced backstabber with a crush on my friend’s crush. 32% scary. Medium spicy. 20% control freak. In ten years I’ll be trying to get dates at the mall. I’ll die from eating bad shrimp.

Honestly though, the only things that are 100% true about the above paragraph are “My name is Brandi” and “from Orange County, California”. these were all results from Myspace quizzes that I took in the early 00’s when I was in my early-mid 30’s.

about this website:

I’ve always written in notebooks, sometimes several at a time. I go in thinking that I am going to use one for odd things that happen in my life, one for project ideas, one for keeping track of my finances, one for working out my issues… I eventually end up just writing a mish-mash of everything in one notebook. Over the past several years, I tried to separate my interests into different websites and I got overwhelmed and didn’t update anything. So here we are- Time Map 2003 is going back to being whatever is in my head. Recipes, things that I find funny, gushing about things I love, things I’ve made. It’s not at all what they tell you to do in the blog writing seminars- But I really don’t have interest in monetizing or getting tons of traffic. I don’t need to be an influencer or any of that. This is a place where I am getting things out of my head… there are so many things in my head.

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