mask times

mask times

This past week it’s become mandatory to wear masks. I’ve had a horrible time with my glasses fogging up with the one’s supplied by the store. On of my managers accidentally realized that they don’t fog up as much if you wear them upside down. So that sort of worked for most of my 11 hours in the store. I went online and found 18 million patterns, tried a few, had the same problem with all of them- even the one by the lady who wears glasses who “solved the problem”.

I was chatting with my sister, Jamie, and she told me she has had no trouble with the pattern on the cdc website! I tried it, and it seems to work! I wore one while I was working on more today, and it seems like something I might be able to wear for an entire work day. So, I’m just churning them out now as I have a little more energy on my days off this week.

I’ve just been plain old tired for about a year. I should have probably had that checked out while I had a chance, right? Most of the crafty type things I’ve done recently have been things I could do from bed. And then I’ve just been mentally exhausted and not nearly productive enough during this global pandemic.


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