Fan Art Friday

Fan Art Friday

I’ve been getting so stressed out and ANGRY being at work around so many people that I started doing some stick figure fan art at lunch in the breakroom to keep my mind off the state of the world. I don’t know why, but drawing a little stick figure Brian May will always lift my mood.

When I started, it was all Brian May.

Then I added a few people.

Sometimes I’d try to switch it up but I love drawing Brian May’s hair. haha

Here’s Tony Iommi from the late 60’s

I did research for that one!

Here’s the picture of Black Sabbath that I have as my Facebook header-

On my first attempt, I got Bill Ward so wrong that I actually practiced him while I sat in the health screening room at work. People would walk in to get their temperatures checked and see all of these “stick figure Jesuses” (and the occasional truck driver [1975 Bill Ward]) on my work notes. I’m a little bit too proud of how he turned out in the above picture. Like, I feel it’s one of my year’s great accomplishments.

I’m honestly working on some other things that I might be prouder of when all is said and done but just let me have this one thing right now.

I branched out a bit this week when I drew a picture of my coworker Jonathan lifting a safe over his head.

something that really happened.

Who knows what next week will bring?


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