Black Sabbath’s California Jam Fashion Post

Black Sabbath’s California Jam Fashion Post

In the history of the world, there has never been a fancier, more excitingly fashionable band on a stage than Black Sabbath at the California Jam. Every outfit is remarkable. (And I will remark, sort of at length, RIGHT NOW.) [If you’d like to hear the audio of the entire set, check out this post on]

Does Ozzy look… nervous? They were about to play for 250,000 people.

Here are the boys before they went on stage. You can see that Bill Ward started out with a shirt and Ozzy had A CAPE!!

In color. This is just a fantastic outfit.
Here’s the only other picture I’ve found in my exhaustive research of Bill Ward wearing a shirt on this day. I’ll get to the rest of the outfit in a second. haha
Geezer Butler, the sparkliest member of Black Sabbath during the 70’s.
Tony Iommi’s chainette fringe shirt is amazing. In the video, you’ll also notice that his shoes were sweeeet.
Let me switch to a regular paragraph for this outfit…

So, with all the other amazing outfits it took me a second to notice that Bill Ward is wearing black pantyhose. I. can’t. take. it. I guess that was a normal look for him in those days. I mean, We’ve all seen the cover of the Sabotage album. (I have so much more to say but I will stop now.)

And here’s Ozzy holding those exciting boots after the show.

Thank you for making it through the whole fashion post!


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