I’ve got a tumblr blog called “Just Stuff That Makes Me Happy” or something. I mostly repost funny things or handsome boys… you know, normal Tumblr stuff. Tumblr is such a weird, weird place. I just go there to look at gifs of British panel shows and to find reference photos for my amazing (haha!) stick figure fan art that I will post about soon. It’s weird because, kind of like going on YouTube, you start with something “normal” and then three hours later you’ve gone down a spiral. With YouTube, that starts with maybe looking up how to use a certain sewing machine presser foot and ends with watching a marine teaching you how to quilt. Or, like, “Remember how good that video was back in 1989?” and you end up watching a compilation on Jake E. Lee’s greatest guitar solos from the Bark at the Moon tour, and that takes you to those “___ shreds” videos and 2 hours later you’re watching a mashup of Danzig and Donna Summer.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. You go on Tumblr to find a reference photo for a stick figure drawing of Ritchie Blackmore in a pilgrim hat, then you click on some Ian Paice pictures for your “Great Muttonchops in History” project, and then you notice some pictures of Ian Gillan in 1972 for your “gazing dreamily at 1972 Ian Gillan” project, and the next thing you know you click on someone’s blog that has “shipping” various members of Deep Purple. ahh! Just about every band I’ve come across on Tumblr has these fandoms that do this. This isn’t what I signed up for! Stay away from the large chunks of text, Bran!

One band I haven’t seen that weird sort of stuff for is Black Sabbath. (phew) (Just wait until you see my stick figure Bill Ward, guys. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.) (actually, you’ve probably seen it already. I doubt anyone visiting this webpage isn’t my friend on facebook. Why would anyone come here if they didn’t know me?)

Now I am going to recreate a post I put up on Tumblr over here:

um… guys?

That’s my kind of wholesome tumblr post.

keep it real!


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