My most played song of 2019. I just love it so much. I’d like to pack up my belongings and move in to this song.

I LOVE Big Business and I’ve put together a sort of starter playlist (again, one day I’ll get around to maybe creating these playlists on a platform that people can just listen to them on):

“Grounds for Divorce” – Here Come The Waterworks
“Time and Heat” – The Beast You Are
“Our Mutant” – Battlefields Forever
“Hands Up” – Here Come The Waterworks
“Heavy Shoes” – Battlefields Forever
“Another Fourth of July… Ruined” – Here Come The Waterworks
“Stareadactyl” – Head For The Shallow
“Gold and Final” – Mind the Drift
“Easter Romantic” – Head For The Shallow
“Start Your Digging” – Here Come The Waterworks
“Technically Electrified” – Head For The Shallow
“Off Off Broadway” – Head For The Shallow
“Another Beautiful Day in thr Pacific Northwest” – Here Come The Waterworks
“Horses” – Command Your Weather


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