British Candy Bars

British Candy Bars

In March of 2018, I bought a variety box of British Cadbury bars. I just uncovered my scientific notes from that shameful period in my life:

Double Decker- Nougat top and crispy bottom in Cadbury milk chocolate
The nougat is soft and slightly marshmallow fluff in texture minus the elasticity. The bottom deck is a Whatchamacalit.

Cadbury Dairy Milk- I’ve had the us version of this and, just as Jamie said, this chocolate is sweeter. [2020 note: My sister, Jamie, tried some chocolate on her trip to London.]

Twirl- looks like a Twix from the outside, the center is aerated swirls of the same chocolate as the outside. With this one I was thinking about how my candy intake would be greatly decreased if I lived in England.

Wispa- pretty much the same as the Twirl, except the center is a solid aerated piece of chocolate. This might be the closest thing to what I expected the taste of real Cadbury chocolate to be.

Flake is the same as the Twirl, except instead of twirly chocolate its bits of flaked chocolate. so Flake, Twirl and Wispa are all the same thing, just different sizes and shapes.

Curlywurly- pretty much a flatter 100 Grand bar with sweeter chocolate and sweeter caramel.

Starbar- this has a peanut center. Sort of a softer Nutrageous.

Crunchie- golden honeycomb wrapped in Cadbury chocolate. Okay, now this is the one that I think I bought this whole box for. There’s no American candy bar to compare this to, although I think there was a recipe in one of the food network magazines I have for some sort of honey candy that might be comparable. I would totally buy a box of just this. [2020 note: this is like my personal holy grail of candy. And, yes, I did end up buying a whole box of just Crunchies]

Here goes nothing… I am going to try the Picnic. It has raisins. :0
It’s just a texture thing- I don’t taste them, it’s just a weird sensation every so often. It’s an extremely sweet candy bar, just like the others. There are peanuts, a caramel and something like rice krispies- I’m just going by what I am tasting. I haven’t looked at it as I’m eating it. [2020 note: I don’t just dislike raisins, it’s an actual aversion- nearly as bad as my aversion to eyes.]

And the last one- Dairy Milk Caramel. it was alright. The caramel was really sweet. I’ll have to try an American one to see if they are different. But maybe not tomorrow- I ate all of these candy bars in like 4 days. Not very healthy!

Perhaps I need to become a Nutrisystem rater.


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