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It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here. I set a goal a few years ago to post regularly, and I accomplished that. Then I pretty much abandoned the whole site for YEARS. I’ve thought about just wiping this whole site clean and starting over. I do that every few years.

The past few days, when I’ve had a break between cooking* and cleaning, I’ve been cleaning up my email. I started with over 23,000 unread emails in my inbox. I didn’t even check to see how many there were in there altogether. Right now I am at 1,800 unread in a 3,400 inbox.

There were also thousands of emails in the folder that I filter every other Brandi in the world’s emails into. The email address that I use has a dot in the main part and the Brandi’s who don’t know their address never put one in- so I filter them all into a separate folder. I used to check it more often, and sometimes I even tried to clear up confusion. “Kristen- Brandi and her son Kevin gave you the wrong email address. I hope they show up at the soccer game tomorrow. If they do, please have them correct their address. Best of luck to the team!”

It’s mostly mailing lists now. There’s a Brandi in Alabama looking for a job. She’s subscribed (me) to a job listing newsletter. I am still getting Brandi from Illinois’s receipts from the gas station. Hopefully she’s able to use all the rewards points she’s racked up over the years!

I also stumbled upon so many emails in my inbox that I have sent to myself over the last 8 years or so- before that I archived them into a folder. Now they’re just floating around in between Pinterest notifications and credit card offers. Since I forget to title half of the messages to myself and the rest are just things like “gbbbbrwe3” or “fancy,” it’s always a fun little mystery to see what I’ve sent myself. I am finding links to recipes, random pictures, a string of numbers that are probably supposed to mean something, Amelia Earhart conspiracies, sewing patterns, shopping lists, and names of future concept albums. It’s silly how many things I’ve sent myself that have been sitting unread for years.

an email I sent myself that was just a single word. gastroenterologists

*I made cornbread stuffing from scratch! It came out okay, but I know there are some tweaks that I can do if I ever make it again. I also made cupcakes with homemade malted chocolate buttercream frosting. No recipes. Just winging it through life.


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