Eyebrow Hall of Fame

By brandi, August 30, 2020

11. Eugene Levy

Of course Eugene Levy is going to be on this list!

12. Holly Marie Combs

My notes from 2004: Let’s see if I can remember what I read about Holly this morning. Her mom had her when she was really young and took her to Hollywood when she was 7 and thought of renaming her “Meal Ticket”. She was on Picket Fences for 4 years and now she’s on Charmed. She is the oldest sister on Charmed but she is the youngest of the three actresses in real life. She is going to have a baby. She’s ‘living with’ a key grip from the show and I believe that his name starts with a D but this isn’t about him. Holly is 5 feet 3 inches tall. She was born in 1973 but I can’t remember the day. I won’t lose sleep over it.

13. The Juiceman

I have quite a few pictures left in this old Eyebrow Hall of Fame folder, but I am just going to stop here with this picture of Jay Kordich. He found fame selling juicers in infomercials by hypnotizing people with his eyebrows. He lived to be 93 years old by just drinking juice.

Thanks for making it to the last page! I have so many more names (Like, “that lady from the movie”) on the list. Can you think of anyone to feature in Part Two? Comments welcome below.

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