Eyebrow Hall of Fame

By brandi, August 30, 2020

1. Oasis Guy

I’ve come to understand that there are two eyebrow guys in this band. They look exactly the same to me and I have no idea who this one is.

2. Kevin Richardson

Here is Kevin Richardson. His eyebrows are big. He is ‘the eyebrow guy’ in the Backstreet Boys. Sure, others have bigger eyebrows but Kevin’s eyebrows are just so rad. They really looked nice when he had that hairdo- you know the one- the one he had in the video in the rain with the shirts. Woooo. Quit Playing Games With My Heart. That is the greatest video ever. It really shows how talented Kevin is. How he’s not just a guy with big eyebrows. He is a guy with big eyebrows, a hairdo and the shirt in the rain.

3. Bert

Here is everyone’s (or at least Ernie’s!) favorite one-eyebrowed friend. Bert likes feeding pigeons, collecting paper clips, and cleaning up after Ernie. He has a heck of a singing voice too, he sounds a little like Miss Piggy. Bert’s birthday is July 26th. He has a nephew, Brad, who should also be in the Eyebrow Hall of Fame.

What do you think?

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