I used to write a lot of poetry. When I did a revamp of this website a while back I forgot to put it up. Some of it goes back to my teenage years, but most of it is from 15-18 years ago during my “experimental” phase when my website was called “Caffeine, Sugar, and Non-aspirin Pain Reliever” (you’ll get an idea why I named it that when/if you read those posts.) I kind of stopped writing them when spambots came along and stole my style!

Just so there’s a record of everything somewhere, and to give the illusion that I have content on this site, I’ll be posting up some of those old poems over the coming weeks. LOOK OUT. They’re set to auto-post every day or two up until the beginning of September. There’s so many, cripes.

Quick note- the description that will show up on the front page with the title will be the text I put near the copyright on the bottom of each poem, instead of writing something handy like the date that I originally wrote it.

I have some ideas for some new things, let’s see if I will have them ready to post by the time that all this older stuff loads onto the site.


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