13 truths/13 lies

13 truths/13 lies

President Woodrow Wilson’s real first name was Thomas.
“Happy Birthday to You” was written by Mildred and Patty Hill.
There were 14 books in Frank L. Baum’s Oz series.
(three truths)

The dot on an i is called a tittle.
2007 will be the Year of the Monkey.
Ziggy’s dog is named Fuzz.
(two truths and one lie)

The first horse to win the Triple Crown was Sir Barton.
John Ford won the best director Oscar for A Place in the Sun.
Haywood Nelson
The Statue of Liberty weighs 375,000 pounds.
(two lies, one truth and one scientologist)

One of the daughters from The Waltons
Snakes are allergic to oats.
Chick Corea
Blanche is the capital of Bulgaria.
(two lies and two scientologists)

The movie Strange Brew is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Lachanophobia is the fear of pain.
Cocoa Puffs
Giovanni Ribisi
Edward Lowe invented Kitty Litter in 1947.
(two truths, one lie, one scientologist, and one breakfast cereal)

Nancy Cartwright
Count Chocula
Sound travels 6 times faster in water than through air.
Apple Jacks
Billy Sheehan
(three scientologists, two breakfast cereals, and one lie)

On average, Pluto stays about 6.3 billion miles from the sun.
The first Miss America was Rosemary Smallwood.
The gestation period of a baboon is 187 days.
I love Lucy’s Ricky Ricardo was originally going to be called Larry Lopez.
(three truths, one lie and one indian tribe)

Rhode Island’s area code is 803.
A sclerometer is used to measure air pollution.
Edgar Winter
(two lies, one scientologist, two indian tribes, and one brand of laminate wood flooring)

Nez Perce
Television’s Taxi debuted on September 17, 1979.
Bob Costas’ middle name is Morgan.
Jenna Elfman
(two brands of laminate wood flooring, two lies, three indian tribes, one scientologist)

Quincy Jones’ middle name is Delight.
Cinnamon Life
The Buddy Holly Story
Froot Loops
Monarch butterflies can only eat oak leaves.
Hall of Fame baseball manager Connie Mack’s real name was Cornelius McGillicuddy.
Predator 2
(two indian tribes, two truths, three breakfast cereals, one lie, and  two movies starring Gary Busey)


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