Posted on: August 20, 2020 Posted by: brandi Comments: 0

Stick in my ear
blood on my brain
emergency room doctors
can drive you insane

so many in line
what can I do?
There’s a baby with a hacking cough,
an old lady with the flu,
a skater with a broken arm,
a bratty nose picker with ringworm,
a construction worker with a nasty cut on his right knee,
and me,
with this botched self-inflicted lobotomy.

Finally on the table…
then with a pull after a twist
that bamboo was removed
by the otorhinolaryngologist.

So, if you’re planning to stick a stick in your ear,
you’ll have problems and troubles year after year.
It will sound like a snare drum or train in your head.
And you’ll wake up with eustachian tube drippings on your bed.

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