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Toward this place is an attention-getting ball of textual substance that I am going
to emulate and hit with the fists throughout a period of time and too much again.
All I have got to do is cogitate something to convey feelings by writing for a while.

Today is the day that I was going to finally buy a new teapot. Hark! I smell melted
cheese. Yet I, Doctor of Osteopathy, execute it. There is something in my eyeball.
Excuse me … Gloria! Bring me the visine, pronto!

The pressman is miserable on ink. I should probably take account of unmentionable
how I have to inject… see about a treat with lubricating oil once more. I don’t
want to do what I did last time and get it on the floor, although I figured out a
great way to get it out from the stain removal handbook. Now there’s something that
every dwellidwellidwell should have, the stain removal handbook. More invaluable
than a teapot, I say.

Subsequently, I requested one deodorant, but mommy said she prolongs the reference
of being hunting expedition to be heard to go to the supply depot for and that I
could get (temporarily) hers anytime that I desired. And I said, “no thank you, I
still have some of my own.” I wish to inquire for avant-garde deodorant as soon as I
start to see a hint of the amobarbital sodium matter so that I have time to substitute for it as an alternative of continuing days lacking it.

Who would have thought that an individual commode remakes inquiring for private upkeep things vocalize so unfamiliar and discombobulating? I marvel if the folks who
can be get a wrinkle on attempting to take hold of toads to lap would savor too so
extreme a degree an explanation.

I’m coming to a conclusion that I am express by pennPen this as preposterous as in
that location are make a present of them to me. I have to dispense with hit upon and
substituting once more considering that was amusinamusinamuse.

What in the heck is cause to be heard on, gentleman’s gentleman’s valet de chambre’s
gentleman? What is the reason for the throw overboard-and-take over “could” to be
identical to the idiomatic formulation “butt”? I understand now. Never mind.

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