SAT Preps

By brandi, July 9, 2020

goring oozier trig oil
odious gut of goo, sod it
hank bun, morose hoops
six fog lake oak offing so iced;
padre door if ossifies irises.
adieu air, occupy sweet set dither

Ajax… hmm… if gap
aye adage arrive due use yore.
are sir fun imbibe?
jig pious led ask asset argue
arch sty spry
poop repack oozing

film Syowa cooked cusps cups baker
oboe belie ova pad
opus weave with worm woe
am oak
cool tap pee page aura.

Nina night, inbox sour Quaker,
or suave kid ruse, fuzz faux dial.
Eave a chronic wed cacti beeves
arm are ammo park moor occur mower
user lieu flexed either glower

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