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(warning. something BAD is going to happen in this post. so, if you are squeamish, scroll down and listen to the song in the video. it’s really good.)

Since I do all sorts of crafty things like sewing and cross stitch and embroidery and I never wear shoes inside (read that warning above. you know what’s about to happen. you can still just scroll down.) I am always super aware of when anything dangerous drops on the ground.

That changed on Thursday. I had my airpods in and I was listening to music and just cleaning away. I moved a box that had some embroidery hoops and some projects in it, walked a couple of steps and… there was a stabbing pain in my foot. I looked down to see this HUGE tapestry needle poking out of the bottom of my foot, like, right in the center- in the arch. Ohohohohhhoooo man. It makes me cringe thinking about it. I had to get out a ruler afterwards when I texted my sister to share in my moment of stressing the heck out. This thick needle was 2 1/4 inches long and it went straight in about an inch and a half. Ahhhaaaahaaaa. I am so sorry to bring this up.


The reason I wanted to share this story- besides, you know, teaching craft room safety- was that it was a moment where I think I had the perfect soundtrack. Not that I was listening to a song about craft injuries. This whole thing happened at a very intense point in the song (at about 4:25 into the video I’m about to share) and I didn’t cry or scream when it happened- I had Glenn Hughes there to scream for me. haha. I just said “OOOooooh man. How was this even possible?” And I could have been talking about the injury or this amazing song.

Stay safe.

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