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Hi. As you may have figured from the name under the title of this website, I’m Brandi Holt. I am a support manager at a major big box retailer but I don’t let that define who I am. I’m pretty good at not thinking about work when I am not at work. I am the owner of a gmail account that at least 2 dozen other Brandi’s give out as their own on forms throughout the world.

Interests? Music, comedy, music and comedy festivals. Planning things. Being crafty.

My life is being overtaken by craftiness- mostly sewing. I have quite a collection of fabric at the moment, and I am always trying to use as much as I can before I buy any more. Anyone who sews knows that this is an impossible feat.¬†Even if I don’t post about it, I try to make something new every day.

I use this site to talk about things that interest me that the people I spend my days with might not want to hear me going on about.

I’m trying to embrace Pinterest like a normal lady but I find myself spending too much time on Tumblr for a woman of my age.


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