está bien

Today was the third day of my the new position at work. This one was an involuntary move- my support manager position no longer exists. I work start work at 4am now, and that’s quite a change from going in at noon. I don’t have a set sleeping pattern yet.

It’s nearly 8pm so I just took some melatonin to try to get to sleep. I’m sure getting out my laptop and typing out a whole thing isn’t going to help.

I am about to turn on one of my hypnosis audiobooks. I’ve been listening to Confianza y Auto-Estima Hipnosis the last few days but tonight I might need Controla tu Temperamento Hipnosis.

So it’s day 3- I was stressed, and possibly tired, and there were a lot of small things that weren’t going right. I got angry about some hypocrisy. And I have this terrible thing where I can not yell or show anger like a normal person. I start tearing up. And people ask me what’s up. And I try to talk and explain that I am MAD. I’m sure a lot of people think I got yelled at. I look like someone’s broken my heart or something but I’m just angry. People are going to think I am overly sensitive and I think they are yelling at me, but that isn’t it. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully Erika Perez will lull me to sleep and help me with my issues.

I don’t speak Spanish, but Erika Perez had the most calming voice when I was listening to a bunch of clips on Audible several years ago. I started with “Confidence and Self-Esteem” and moved on to get several collections. I probably have 20 hours of Spanish hypnosis audiobooks. I listen to things I don’t necessarily need, like Astral Projection, Balancing Your Chakras, and Love and Relationships. I mean, I don’t even know what a chakra is! But I can tell you that I haven’t fallen in years, so I guess my balance is getting better.

Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself!

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