Coworker: I don’t know if it’s an allergy, but my mouth and lips swell up whenever I eat cantaloupes or watermelons.
me: yeah… that’s an allergy.

I’ve watched some episodes of Travel Man recently and there have been a couple of times where Richard Ayoade has been near horses and he’s had an allergic reaction. Imagine that. I never heard of anyone being allergic to horses before, but there are probably a lot of people who are. I could be, who knows? I’ve only been near horses a handful of times in my life and I’ve always kept my distance.

I do know I am allergic to something in lipstick and henna. I haven’t found an animal or food that I am allergic to. Perhaps I am allergic to elk. Or pandas. Imagine meeting a bear in the wild and playing dead like you’re supposed to. The bear isn’t out for blood but he comes up to see what your deal is and you start sneezing! You could’ve been friends.

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