I cut my hair a little too short for some of it to stay in my normal work ponytail and the slight change in the way I put up my hair has sent shockwaves through the fresh perimeter of the store. For three days, anyone who saw me shouted “There’s something different about you!!”

It’s funny, because when just continued to wear my normal ponytail after I had 12″ cut off the length people didn’t notice for several weeks.

There are some girls who change their hair twice a week. I wonder if they get those comments or if it’s just reserved for someone who looks the same for years.

I had my birthday last week. I went into a new age range on forms. I’m not sure if I have been going through a midlife crisis for the last year or if it’s just the general fear most people are having that the world could end at the drop of a hat. :shrug: Is it a midlife crisis or an end of the world crisis? Either way, I still haven’t been to Machu Picchu.

You’re really only as old as the sound you make when you pick up the dog’s water bowl. I’ve been trying to stay young by spending time every day silently gathering grapes and onion peels off the ground while I’m at work. On my days off, it’s hair ties and laundry.

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