notes from a plane

My spirit animal is on the plane. A fly on a plane. Does it feel like it flew hundreds of miles?

What if you ran on a treadmill on a bus? How fit would you get?!

Imagine the first fly to get stuck on a plane. I don’t think I have any more to add to that, but let your own mind wander.

What was he or she thinking? What was the pilot thinking? Maybe that’s why Amelia Earhart crashed- caught up in thought about flies on planes.

But weren’t those old times planes all open? Maybe she was thinking about putting flies in a box. And what she could put in there to make them comfortable. In my professional opinion, if you want to make a fly super stoked about his situation, you’ll give him a bit of rotten watermelon. Even seedless watermelon- there’s something about it. So It’s not like they think the seeds are pretty lady flies.

Maybe Amelia Earhart choked on a peanut. Or a tiny 100 calorie pack of Wheat Thins.

I’d like to imagine the man in the next row up nodding to his music is also listening to Retox.

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